Monday, September 27, 2010

special day

kya was off school last friday so i had the morning with just her. we went and got some breakfast and then went and painted some pottery! it was such a great morning! this little girl truly has a heart of gold!

fall is here!

dog wash

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

preschool then and now

so fun to look back at pictures. here is kya at 2 years 9 months starting 1 day a week preschool and here is kinley at 2 years 7 months starting at the same preschool :)

sisters then and now! april 2008

september 2010

kinley starts preschool!

kinley started preschool last friday. it took some encouragement from her speech therapist...but i finally agreed that sending her to school now would be nothing but beneficial for kinley and her speech. i knew it was the best decision, but i LOVE having my girls at home and with kya going off to kindie i was NOT ready to sent kinley too. we are starting with just 1 day a week for now.

it was so crazy getting both the girls ready for school. kya was so excited for kinley to start preschool! she kept telling kinley about all she was going to learn and how much fun she was going to have. i told kya i was having a hard time with sending kinley to school.... and being my sweet mature kya she said "mommy, school is a good thing! it is where you learn numbers and letters, where u learn to sit good, and stay in line, to listen to your is all good things mommy". she then said "but don't worry mommy i will hold your hand while we walk kinley in to help you be brave". man i love that girl! she is just too much!

kinley was so excited to have a mini backpack the same as kya's. she did great when we dropped her off and blew me a kiss goodbye! it was so odd being alone for 3 hrs. it is both sad and exciting going into this phase of life! when i went to get her she was smiling from ear to ear...she seemed to have LOVED it! i know it was a good decision even if was a hard one ! i love you kinley hudson, you will always be my little peanut. i can't wait to see you learn and grow into the girl God desires you to be!

Monday, September 13, 2010

dance 2010

kya started back at miller dance studio last week! she was super excited to go back this year! this year she has 2 of her friends that joined her! i am already excited for recital !