Saturday, December 10, 2011

visiting santa

LOVE this! the girls were so excited to see santa. the BEST part was kinley was able to actually TELL santa what she wanted for christmas! she CLEARLY told santa she wanted a baby bed and a horsey. it was a pretty awesome moment! this picture is a treasured one....

kya lost her 1st tooth!

this sweet girl is now missing something! we have waited a LONG time for this tooth to fall out! it has been wiggling for a couple months now and FINALLY it is OUT! kya was beyond excited to have the tooth fairy come! my baby is growing up too fast!

Thankful tree

this year we started doing a "thankful tree". each night we would sit and share something we were thankful for and then add it to the tree. it was such a special time to take as a family to share the blessing in our lives. i loved hearing what the girls came up with that they were thankful for..i can't wait to do this every year together.

some of my favorites that were shared

~new words from kinley's sweet mouth

~daddy not having the bugs in his lungs anymore

~how God is always there for use even when i make bad choices

~belly laughs when we get tickled

~family date nights