Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6 years!

it was our 6 year anniversary last weekend and decided there was no better way celebrating it then with our family! so mark and i took the girls to grand lake for the weekend! i feel soooo blessed to be married to such an amazing man! each year gets better and better. God sure does love me to have given me mark! i could not have dreamed up a better man to spend my life with! thank you Mark for 6 AMAZING years! i love you more and more each day!

6 years...2 BEAUTIFUL girls! wow how lucky are we!

we had the best time as a family. just playing together, laughing and enjoyin the beautiful snow!

daddy and kya having fun in the snow :)

we had so much fun sledding :)

how cute are they :)

kya posing it up for the camera :)

fun just relaxing in comfy's at the cabin :)

quiet morning with kinley :)

last week i had a awesome quiet morning with kinley while kya was at school. kinley is such a sweet girl and i just love spending time with her. her smile of gold makes my day! we had such a wonderful time reading books, coloring and playing with her new doll house! i want to soak up these moments with my girls while i have them at home...before i know it they will be in school full time. i feel soo blessed to get to spend time with them while i can!

valentines day :)

it was a snowy valentines day and the girls enjoyed playing outside together! mark and i enjoyed staying indoors and keeping warm watching our sweet girls! we had a great week celebrating valentines. kya had a school party and also was invited to a valentines tea at her friends house. we also spend a lot of time doing various crafts. kya LOVED making valentines for everyone! she even snuck out of her room early valentines morning to make mark and i valentines cards. she is such a sweet heart! we just enjoyed loving in each other! we feel so blessed to be in a marriage where we are so in love with each other and to have 2 amazing daughters we love dearly!~

Monday, February 8, 2010

kinley's baryard party

i decided to do a barnyard theme for kinley's 2nd bday this year. even though we just had family over for a small party i wanted to make it cute for her. i ventured out this year and made her bday cake. it was FAR from perfect but it tasted good :) i have fun setting out farm toys that all the kids could play with. kinley loved it and we had a great time :)

her barnyard invite and the piggy cake :)

i made cupcakes as a favor for the adults. they were piggy faces and piggy buns :)

the excited birthday girl :)

the 2 year old :)

fun times with the cousins. we painted piggy banks :)

opening gift. she was so excited for her new doll house :)

blowing out the candles :)

just for fun :)

both my girls on their 2nd birthdays!

happy 2nd birthday kinley hudson!!

happy 2nd birthday!!
i cannot believe you are 2 already! i love you so much!

kinley you are such a special little girl! from day 1 you were a joy for our family! you were a easy baby! you were the the perfect addition! even though you are still tiny you have had a HUGE impact on me! your joy and your spark for life is contagious. i love how you get excited for things! it is a rare day to not have you have a smile on that sweet face of yours!
i love how you love to cuddle and suck on your 2 fingers while holding on your ear.
i love how you give everyone hugs so generously
i love how you love to read books
i love how you do things in "your time"
i love how you sing along to songs in the car
i love how you love to rock with your mommy before bed
i love to listen to you talk when you are trying to go to bed at night
i love how you think you are a dog at times and pretend to eat like one :)
i love how you love to swing and can do it for hours
i love how you find a kitchen towel and a baby entertainment for hours
i love that you hide treasures in my pots and pans...i never know what i am going to find left in them :)
i love how even though you are small you think you are just like all the other big kids
i love how you kiss the phone when talking to people
i love your joy for life
i love how you will cuddle up with anyone
i love how you have little fear :)
i could go on and on..
i have treasured being your mommy! i cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for you! i know it is going to be amazing!
i love you so much kinley hudson!
happy birthday!

our family the day we took you home and our family now! what a gift you have been to us!

i have loved watching you with your sister. you both love eachother soooo much! i feel sooo blessed to have you both really treasure eachother! i have loved watching your friendship grow and can only imagine how close you will be in the future!