Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i cannot believe it is february! my computer crashed so i have been absent from blogging.
it has been a great start to 2010!~ we have really enjoyed this year and are excited about what the lord has planned for our family this year. we are praying for a healthier 2010 with less illness :) but we are also praying for a year of spiritual growth. we have made some high goals this year to help us in alot of areas in our lives. i am praying to really stay focused and stay faithful to what god has placed in our hearts.
mark is doing great! i have been overwhelmed this year by the support we have gotten during the diagnosis and adjusting to life with marks sarcoidosis. i can honestly say i feel he is doing GREAT!!! i have seen a huge change in his energy these last couple weeks! it is sooooo exciting to see him start to feel "normal" again. we are praying hard that this disease does not flare up this year and we keep heading in the direction towards remission!!
kya is also doing awesome. she is loving school ! she also started at a new dance academy last month. she is in a ballet/tap class and is having a blast!!! i love watching her dance and interact with the other little girls in her class. kya has such a caring and sweet spirit and i am so proud of her! i feel like i learn so much from her each day on how to treat people the way god calls us too! she is one special girl! we just got her all signed up for kindergarten. she starts the beginning of july right before her 5th birthday! i cannot believe my baby girl is going to be in kindergarten! i can't talk about it much or i start crying. i am so excited for her, but am going to miss her SOOOO much!
kinley is amazing! she is running now, climbing everywhere! she is a total monkey! you would never have known she was so delayed in her gross motor skills! i am amazed in the progress she has made since she started walking in september! in 5 short months she has progressed sooo much! she has also had a much healthier start to 2010! she has had a couple little colds, but it has been amazing to see her bounce right out of them and not get double ear infections with each little bug! taking her adenoids out and replacing her tubes has helped her a ton! we also did a followup hearing test in dec and her hearing is back to normal. there were some concerns if there was going to be any permanent damage done to her ears from her 20+ ear infections. we are so happy for this and can't wait to see her speech progress now that she can actually hear! we are getting her back into speech therapy this month. kinley is a ball of fun and i am loving watching her learn new things every day!
i am also doing great! i am loving my life as a mom and wife! i feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to raise my girls to be the best people they can be. i feel blessed to be in an amazing marriage. i seriously have the best husband in the world who loves me soo well! i am back to working 2 nights a week. it is much busier, but is going great! i love my job, and am so thankful to have a job where i can still be home with my girls everyday and make money for our family! i feel sooo blessed in my life !
mark and i are so excited that in april we get to go to mexico! we had planned this trip last year, but then mark got diagnosed 2 weeks before we were supposed to leave so we cancelled. but i am soooo excited that we were able to re book and are going THIS year!
i also am lucky enough to be going on a trip with my sisters and mom in may! i am going to be one spoiled mama this spring with 2 trips to mexico!! i can't wait to lay on the beach with a margarita in my hand and just relax...ahhh :)
well here are a couple pictures of my sweet girls from last night. i promise to blog more often now that i have my computer back! :)


elizabeth said...

glad to share your joy. will keep you and Mark on my prayer list! :)

kstivers said...

Girl, I have missed you! So happy that everyone is doing well. Really glad you are blogging again, I love reading about the girls and staying up to date! Hugs to all of you!

Brooke said...

Lots of good news!

And I can't believe Kya is going into kindergarten, either. Wowza.

So happy that your year is off to such a promising start---if anyone deserves it, you guys do!