Wednesday, September 30, 2009

gotta love colorado!!

last weekend we headed up to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful fall colors. we have had a crazy couple months and we were looking forward to just relaxing and getting away. we went and heard the elk bugle which we love...but we were quick to figure out that kinley was not too hot on the idea. she did okay for about 20 minutes and then to put it nicely she was done :) the first night went very well, but when we got there to watch again on sat night she was way more open with the way she felt about the plans for the night :) other than that we had a overall great weekend. i loved the drives in and out of the mountains. listening to great music and taking in all the beautiful colors was just what my soul needed. there is just something about getting into god's creation that mends the soul. here are some ( well a lot) of pictures of our weekend!


the first night of fun watching the elk :)

great times!

wow i love this guy!!

kya LOVED this!! is she cute or what?

daddy got us all new hats...we love them!

sweet kinley i love her!

watching the elk!

me and my amazing girls!

daddy took kya on sunday morning fishing..such a great dad!

the sights on the way home...amazing!!


Monday, September 28, 2009

fall is here :)

the last couple weeks have been super busy! i am finally feeling like i am in a schedule for the fall! kya is back in school , she started jazz/tap/ballet class, kinley is in speech and physical therapy 4 times a month, my women's bible study started, work, and of course all the other things that keep mama's busy!
last week i surprised mark and we went out on a last minute date night. it was so fun to go out with just the two of us and catch up! i so love this guy and love doing life with him. he is the perfect partner for me! i am so thankful god lead us together!

we are so excited and loving watching kinley walk all over the place. but with that new found freedom and mobility comes falls. the poor girls nose took the brunt of this fall!

kya LOVES to dance. she has taken ballet the last year, but this year she is in a combo class! she was so excited to go get tap shoes! i love that she has found something that she loves! i can't wait to see her learn more! here she is before her first dance class! i can't wait for kinley to start dance...maybe even someday they can do a class together!

starting tomorrow i get to take care of this cute boy one day a week for the next month. my girlfriend is going back to work and i get to watch him! we are so excited to have keaton hang out with us! i can only imagine how much kya will be begging to have another brother or sister after watching him! he is such a sweet baby! we love him!

fuzzy friend

the girls found this fun furry friend a couple weeks ago and were soo intrigued by it. they loved to pet it watch it climb the tree. today kya asked if god had made her friend a butterfly yet. it took me a second to figure out what she was talking about. i love her memory and how she remembers. i love moments like these!

Friday, September 11, 2009

help me to remember....

i love days like today! BEAUTIFUL weather, giggles heard from the back yard, a big cup of coffee, picnic lunch in the backyard...LOVE IT! kya and kinley are just so fun! they love each other and are really enjoying playing together. it was fun just sitting on my rocking chair watching them just enjoy the simple things of life. kya LOVES to swing! she could swing all day. pure joy is in her eyes as she sees how high she can get. kinley LOVES her car! she will play with that thing for hours! she loves to put the keys in and drive all over the patio, she gets out ...plays with the gas cover and hops back in waving bye bye to me. she is such a ham! i love watching their personalities and how god made them so different and cool!

thank you lord for days like today. thank you for my beautiful girls that make me so happy! i am so blessed and want to work on TRULY letting that saturate my life! on days when life is not so fun..when i feel discouraged, frustrated, sad, me to remember this!