Wednesday, January 30, 2013

we are still here :)

wow...has it really been 2 months since i updated this blog :) the holidays were busy and amazingly fun! we made a ton of great memories that i wish i could share with you all...but my hard drive crashed...and i lost over a years worth of pictures :(  so you will have to just take my word for it that it was amazing! i am still hopeful that some computer genius will be able to get some pics off....but in all honesty it is my fault i had not backed up my pics since i got my new lap top last year....oops. well lesson was learned and i know have a online back up system that automatically saves everything each time new content in saved on my computer! wish i would have signed up  months ago...
anyhow...after the holidays we dove head first into a couple of home projects. we redid the master new carpet throughout the entire the stairs capped in wood and also got the girls bunk beds so they can sleep together. throw in painting the master bedroom curtains...and some other things it has been a busy january! every spare moment we have had has been spent working on the house :) it has been a fun process and we are very excited how it all turned out!
here are some pics :)

it feels good to be back in a normal routine of life after the blur of this past month! kinley's 5th bday is next week and i have to admit i am quite emotional about this...feels like my baby is so grown up!
so with my computer fixed and life back to normal i hope to keep things updated more often  :)