Thursday, March 26, 2009


we finally got some snow! as much as i LOVE warm weather i LOVE a BIG snowstorm! kya was just as excited about the snow! from the moment she woke up she wanted to go play in it. i told her we needed more snow so we needed to wait. we decided to go play in the snow as a family...SO FUN! here are some pictures of our family fun in the snow!

she was so excited!
daddy and his girls
so cute!
love her smile!
she is so fun!
wilson joining the fun
kya loves to help shovel
love her!
how cute it she??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kya will kill me someday for sharing this :)

i just had to share this conversation kya had with me the other funny!
mark was upstairs at our house and kya and i were playing in the family room. we heard the toilet flush above us and kya looked up and said
"did daddy just got potty?"
"i would say so kya" .
kya said " out his peanut"?( that is her word for it :) )
"yes kya out his peanut".
"mommy those peanuts you don't want to put in your mouth huh"
"yes kya NEVER "
" okay mommy, I never want to eat those peanuts...yuck".
"you are so right kya NEVER"!!!
and that concludes our first sex talk :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

enjoying this warm weather!

we have really been enjoying this amazing weather we have been having! we have been having a ton of picnic lunches in the yard and playing outside as much as we can. this past weekend we worked in the yard for a while getting things cleaned up. the girls both LOVE to be outside doing anything. i am really looking forward to summer and spending our evenings out on the patio as a family, gardening, going on walks...i love it all!

my baby girl is growing up so fast!
she loves to help in the yard!

kinley had a great time just playing with the grass we chopped down!!

she is such a easy baby! this entertained her for a half hour :)

kya enjoying a afternoon on the patio!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day!!

today was a big day for kinley! all the sudden she is starting to move!! we are doing physical therapy for kinley because she is delayed in her gross motor development due to her "hyper flexible joints". i have been working with her and wow...she is doing great! this morning i ran upstairs to get something and was shocked to see this!!... i had to leave her there and grab my camera!! way to go kinley!! i am so proud of you!

we had the camera out to catch this moment and kya said that she needed to have her picture taken :)

gotta love these girls!
they love each other!

Friday, March 13, 2009

new playroom

so i decided to make use of our loft that we never even go into. i love the stage of life kya is in. she has the greatest imagination, and loves to play!! i wanted to embrace this and make a area for the girls. i had so much fun putting this room together! it has been so fun to spend time up there! kya has not watched more then 20 minutes of tv the last week! it is so fun to turn the music on and spend quality time with the girls with no distractions of tv, cleaning, laundry...etc! here are some pictures of the new space.

the dance area

our craft table

a place to display the artwork!

the chalk board area

and STORAGE :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

loving this colorado weather!!

we have been having the best weather the last week! it has been in the 70's!! it has been so nice getting outside. we took kya on her first long bike ride. she did great and was so excited! we are going to have to buy her a new bike this year...she continues to grow like a weed! here are some fun shots of us enjoying the outdoors....we LOVE colorado!!

daddy and kya stop for a break
they love each other!
having a picnic in the backyard
she loves playing outside
kya took this picture...she is quite the photographer :)