Wednesday, February 15, 2012

kinley is 4!

it is sooo hard to believe my baby girl is 4!! time is flying by and it is amazing to see how these once little helpless babies are growing into amazing little girls! i am constantly blessed by their sweet spirits.

if any of you would spend even 5 minutes with kinley one word that comes to many peoples minds is JOY. this little girl can brighten a room quicker then anyone i have ever met. it is often hard to find her without a smile on her sweet face and every direction she moves she does with a happy spring to her step.

what amazes me more is life is not easy for kinley. EVERYTHING she does is hard...with her delays, motor planning for movement and speech takes sooooo much work... but that doesn't not let this girl down she is a fighter....she will not let it be a joy stealer for her. i have been SOO BLESSED to be her mama! it is amazing what you can learn from you kids and how they approach life and difficulties. she blows me away every day with how she has such a positive attitude even when things are hard! i have learned.... the result is a SWEET celebration when the road there was long and rocky :) what an awesome lesson she has taught me!

kinley hudson guikema....oh how you have my heart! everyday is a happy one with you in my life! i KNOW God has HUGE plans for you and i am sooo excited to have a front row seat! i am soooo proud of how HARD you have worked for each word you have learned!!! what a year you have had! just one year ago you had a HANDFUL of words coming from that sweet mouth of yours...and today you have over a 100!!!!!! i cannot put into words how PROUD i am. i promise to be your greatest cheerleader and encourager...i promise to be your prayer warrior... and to be the arms you can run to when things are hard!

oh sweet girl happy 4th bday! i can't wait to see what God has in store for this year! you are the JOY of my life!

Friday, February 10, 2012

a big snowstorm!

last week we had an awesome snow storm! it dumped almost 2 feet of snow at our house from friday night to sunday morning! we had a great time as a family playing in the snow, baking, crafting, playing games, watching movies and just enjoying each other! here are some pictures for our fun weekend of snow!