Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pumpkin carving

kya was so excited to carve her pumpkins! here are some pics from our family night carving event. it is so fun to start family traditions!

daddy and his girls
daddy and kinley

posing by the pumpkins

so excited!
princess carving her pumpkin!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

leaves :)

i love weekends. i love hanging out with my family! today we went outside and worked in the yard cleaning it up before winter. kya was having so much fun helping rake up leaves and jumping in the pile of leaves that mark made for her. kinley loved just sitting in the grass taking it all in.

Friday, October 24, 2008

grand lake !!

we went to grand lake last weekend for a little get away with my parents, dana and sonya and kendal and the gang. we were lucky enough to get to stay at my aunt and uncles AMAZING cabin! we stayed in an awesome room over looking the lake it even had a revolving door to a secret little nook for kya to sleep in...she thought it was amazing! we had a wonderful time with family. we went on walks down to the lake, played games, saw elk, and just really enjoyed each other! here are some pictures from our great weekend!

me and my girls

kya loved going on walks

looking at the fish jumping

my happy baby!

gotta have your walking stick :)

sitting on the front porch

what a face

i am so lucky

the girls were a little distracted :)


we had so much fun !


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


kya just finished her first 6 weeks session of pre-ballet! so cute :) last night we were able to go into the studio and watch what the teacher had been working on with them. it was so fun to see all the little girls so proud showing their family their new moves :) kya is such a little performer and loved that we were there to watch her! she is so excited to started her second session...after that she is starting tap!!! how fun! here are some pictures from the night. kinley also got dressed up as a ballerina for the fun night !

Saturday, October 11, 2008

pumpkin festival

what a fun day!! the weather was cold and dreary, so we bundled everyone up really well and headed to a pumpkin festival. papa and gaga met us there for the day. we had a GREAT time doing all sorts of activities and watching pumpkins get launched. one of the teams launched about 2 football fields in length. it was very entertaining. they also had a ton of other activities to do. we could have spent all day there :) we did the hayride, hay bail maze, played on tractors, made a pumpkin hat, picked pumpkins, did the obstacle course, the stick horse race.. and the petting zoo!! whew...it was busy but so much fun!! we took over 100 pics so i had a really hard time choosing...so here are some of my favorites :)

kya putting on her safety goggles :)
my baby
mommy and kins
finally she picked a pumpkin, it was quite a process :)
so heavy
on the hayride
gaga with sleeping kinley
me and my amazing husband!! LOVE HIM!!

daddy and kya
kinley LOVED the pumpkins
my girls
so happy :)
daddy finding a pumpkin with his girls

kya LOVES her papa and gaga
all bundled up for some fun!
me and my girls
gaga, kins and mommy watching the pumpkin launch!