Wednesday, October 8, 2008

love her!

tonight kya had "skippers", a bible school class at church. when she got home she was so excited about all she had learned and was just glowing!~ i had to take a picture of her to capture this innocent joy! i love her energy and her twinkle in her eyes. it is so crazy to me how quick time goes by. i cannot believe she is 3 years old! i remember all too clearly that first year of trials we had with her health. at times i remember being so scared. God is so faithful! i have a beautiful little girl, unique in so many ways and a complete light in my life~


dana said...

She's such a doll!

Molly at Blink Photographic said...

oh, i love these thoughts.
they happen here, too - thoughts like those.
so sweet to see them in print - that she'll know what you were thinking right then and there.
love it.

Mandy Stevenson said...

seeing her just warms my heart! She is a doll, and I know she gives you so much pleasure!