Saturday, August 30, 2008


Of course the girls were incredibly excited as soon as they got out of bed this morning. I heard whispers of "Go Blue!" that progressively got louder as the Kya and Kinley started waking up. "Daddy, can we watch football all day. I don't want to watch Dora or Kai-lan." Well, maybe the enthusiasm wasn't quite that high, but the girls are young and in training. The UM cheerleader outfits haven't brought great luck in the past, but maybe now that there are two in the house, things will be different and we will overcome the bad luck (and general lack of creativity in the playcalling in the past). We may be updating this about 6:30 E.T. tonight, but for right now, it is GO BLUE all the way.
On a side note, it is not a coincidence that my first blogging experience comes on Day 1 of the Michigan football season. If things go well, you may see more of me. If not, well, we won't go there.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


teeth!!! what!! my little baby girl popped 2 teeth yesterday!! i am shocked! kya didn't get teeth until she was almost a year old! kinley is 6 months and the size of a 3 month old! she is going to look so cute with her little teeth :) here are some pictures of her and kya today! they are both such hams!!

kinley all smiles after lunch :)
what a precious face!!
my girl
is getting so old!

Monday, August 25, 2008


kya finally got her first haircut! i know she is 3!! but the poor girl got my wonderful hair growth...the mullet :) so we decided it was nice to tame the wild hair and cut off about 3 inches off the back to make it look less mulletish :) she was super excited and not nervous at all! here are some pictures of her new little shorter style! it is even curlier now! she did not want to pose for some pictures so these will have to do! they show the true personality of a 3 year never know what you are going to get!
come on mom...i don't want to take a picture!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

here is kya :)

so kya's cousin maci has been "performing " a lot lately. kya thinks it is pretty fun when maci climbs on the stairs and put on a concert :) this afternoon kya asked if she could sing on the stairs..too bad maci sings high school musical, camp rock etc...good try kya :) i love your song choices just a much :)

thank goodness!!

today we went back to the specialist to have kya's arm checked out. we were hoping to get her cast of last week...but the doctor was concerned that it was not healing well and wanted to leave it on for 1 more week. he has hinted that if it didn't start doing better she would maybe have to have surgery to fix it. we were all a little nervous this morning while heading to find out how it was!! and we were so happy to hear that it was healing a lot better. he took her cast off THANK GOODNESS!! that cast was leaking a nasty smell that we were all growing ill from :) she now is in a splint she will wear for 2 weeks and follow up. this is such good news since kya starts preschool on the 2nd and ballet on the 9th. now we don't have to worry about surgery!
kya singing :)
my big girl with her new splint

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

laughing kinley

kinley is now eating baby food. we went to her 6th appt and she was just over 13 lbs.... such a little peanut. tonight at dinner we pulled out my mug that had pictures of kya at 6months on it to compare the girls. kinley got a glimpse of the pictures of kya and LOVED them. i think she thought they were real babies all over my cup. i had mark go grap the camera so we could capture her so excited to look at the babies on my mug. so fun!! excuse the baby food covering kinley..she is still getting the hang of eating :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

kinley's friends :)

Kinley, Connor & Kate
kinley and kate
we had a baby shower for another co-worker having a baby. it is fun working with a bunch of young moms and experiencing life together. two of my coworkers had babies the month after kinley was born. it is always fun when we get together to see how much they have grown :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

6 months old!!!

wow my baby girl is 6 months old today! i cannot believe it has been 6 months since she joined our family. in some ways it seems like yesterday she was born and in other ways i cannot imagine my life without her! she truly has been a joy to my life. she is such a fun baby that melts my heart with her HUGE smile..and then the very next moment now makes me laugh when she is screaming for no reason at all :) it has been so easy transitioning from 1 kids to 2 kids so for that i am so thankful to her for :) thank you baby girl

*for smiling from ear to ear when i get you out of your crib
*for sucking for fingers and soothing yourself back to sleep
* for being so tiny that i feel i get to have the "baby" phase longer
* for making your sister so happy when she gets to be with you
* for finally sleeping through the night...even though it took twice as long as kya :)
* for making me let things roll off easier
* for being our pure entertainment during dinner while we watch you try to eat your cereal!!
* for that lovely scream that you have that turns heads everywhere
* for sucking your are too cute
* for letting my just lay you in your crib and you go right to sleep ( most the time )
* for allowing mommy to put huge bows on your head
* for squealing for delight when you know it is time to nurse
*for making me smile no matter what mood i am in

i love you kinley hudson happy 6th month birthday! you are such a gift

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

fun summer day!!

what a good day! we had connor, dylan and maci over today while sonya was working. kya gets so excited to have them come spend the day with her. today was so nice, it was not near as hot so the kids spent a lot of time outside! it is fun to watch them play together and learn how to work things out. i love to watch from a distance and see how they resolve things themselves! kya prayed before nap thanking god for her cousins and that they are her friends. so fun :)

maci and kya playing in the grass
sweet maci
Popsicle break
kinley hudson

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cute baby!

kinley is so much fun! it is so funny to me how different i do things from when kya was a baby. i used to rock kya to sleep then tip toe out the door praying she didn't wake up. kinley i just lay her down and she pops her fingers in her mouth..sticks her butt up in the air and goes to sleep without a peep! what a difference. it always makes me laugh when i go in her room and see her butt in the air while she sleeps.

Monday, August 4, 2008

sad but funny :)

kya is going through a crazy time where everything scares her. this past sunday she was in children's church and they were learning about david and goliath. the teacher said she would not even color the picture because the giant was too scary. oh my :)
so today her cousins came and i decided it was the perfect time to re bring up the bible story to help her understand that when god is with her she can be brave like david was. the boys were doing a great job helping her think this was a cool story. auntie sonya even remembered the song that goes along with the story and kya was all into it. the kids headed outside and were playing when all of the sudden i hear kya screaming...she comes running in and she is covered in tomato?? i had picked a bunch of ripe tomatoes from the garden today and the boys and her were playing david and the giant outside...kya was the giant...the boys were david and whoops the tomatoes were the rocks and kya got hit with the tomatoes. it was kind of a funny site to see kya dripping in tomatoes...and the boys felt pretty bad when they saw they upset her. it ended up being a learning experience for us all. i so wished i would have taken a picture of kya...

Friday, August 1, 2008


he is home!!!
the hospital is crazy like that. yesterday when we asked about how long he would stay the response was "one day at a time.. it could take a little while" today being sent home. dad was pretty pumped when they said it was a possibility. he was pretty determined today. he walked the halls...took a shower...amazing for that just 1 week ago tomorrow we were not sure how this was all going to turn out!! so we are all excited yet still holding our breath until we make it through day 10, which i went we are in the clear with his lacerated spleen. but we are so excited to see how far dad has come!~ he is one strong man!
thanks for all your prayers!!