Thursday, August 7, 2008

6 months old!!!

wow my baby girl is 6 months old today! i cannot believe it has been 6 months since she joined our family. in some ways it seems like yesterday she was born and in other ways i cannot imagine my life without her! she truly has been a joy to my life. she is such a fun baby that melts my heart with her HUGE smile..and then the very next moment now makes me laugh when she is screaming for no reason at all :) it has been so easy transitioning from 1 kids to 2 kids so for that i am so thankful to her for :) thank you baby girl

*for smiling from ear to ear when i get you out of your crib
*for sucking for fingers and soothing yourself back to sleep
* for being so tiny that i feel i get to have the "baby" phase longer
* for making your sister so happy when she gets to be with you
* for finally sleeping through the night...even though it took twice as long as kya :)
* for making me let things roll off easier
* for being our pure entertainment during dinner while we watch you try to eat your cereal!!
* for that lovely scream that you have that turns heads everywhere
* for sucking your are too cute
* for letting my just lay you in your crib and you go right to sleep ( most the time )
* for allowing mommy to put huge bows on your head
* for squealing for delight when you know it is time to nurse
*for making me smile no matter what mood i am in

i love you kinley hudson happy 6th month birthday! you are such a gift


Brooke Knipp said...

Happy half-birthday, Kinley!

Janna Widdifield said...

Your girls are beautiful!

Clark Family said...

Congrats on making it to six months!!!!! I can hardly wait for Skyler's six month birthday! It is definately one of my favorite ages... I love that they smile and talk to you with all their cute little sounds... It feels like six months is a stage of contentment... and contentment is the biggest blessing ever!!!! Hooray! missing all of you as always... Love ya friend!!!

Mandy Stevenson said...

OMGosh! I just love it! It made me cry as I am reading and relating! Mind if I copy you for when Kate is 6 months? ;)

GKnipp said...

Is there any way to comment on Kati's blog? I can't seem to figure it out...

Brooke said...

-Brooke, not GKnipp