Wednesday, August 6, 2008

fun summer day!!

what a good day! we had connor, dylan and maci over today while sonya was working. kya gets so excited to have them come spend the day with her. today was so nice, it was not near as hot so the kids spent a lot of time outside! it is fun to watch them play together and learn how to work things out. i love to watch from a distance and see how they resolve things themselves! kya prayed before nap thanking god for her cousins and that they are her friends. so fun :)

maci and kya playing in the grass
sweet maci
Popsicle break
kinley hudson


Mandy Stevenson said...

I just love your August posts!! I am way behind...maybe over the few days I'll try to catch up. Your stories about the girls just makes me giggle! I love them!

Dana said...

What a bunch of cute kids!!!!