Wednesday, May 28, 2008

new bows :)

i know i am silly but i just love when the girls get new bows :) and let me tell you kya gets pretty excited herself :) as i was getting her dressed this morning she ran over and grabbed her new white bow and asked if a would please put on her new "beautiful bow"( her words ) .

here are some pictures of my girls! oh how i LOVE having girls :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

camping trip ....

kya fishing :)
do you have one kya?
having fun at the lake !
daddy's girl
sweet kinley

my camping baby girl :)

so excited for marshmellows!
the diva fisher girl
on her way to fish
daddy and kya going fishin

well we did it ! we survived our first camping trip with a family of 4!! and we had a WONDERFUL time!! i was a little worried about how this weekend would go...but i really have no complaints it was so much fun! the girls could not have done better. kya is now a HUGE fan of camping. the first night we got there she was not too sure about sleeping in the trailer..but both nights both girls were asleep without a peep by 830 pm. we had campfires....roasted marshmellows...went fishing ( well kind of)...hung out on the beach...went to a music much fun.

by day one i think kya had met every kid by our campsite. she would play for hours down at the playground with all the kids. she of course wanted to know all their names... my little social girl :)

kinley did awesome for her first camping trip...she was happy and content! what a good baby :)

we are excited to go again for the 4th of july and for kya's 3rd birthday!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fun times :)

Kinley Hudson 15 weeks
my sweet baby girl
what ya looking a kinley? just hanging out

this week has been fun! we have been loving the warm weather and been outside as much as possible. kya is loving getting as dirty and wet as she can :) she is also loving help plant the gardens. she has found a weird fear of bugs. at one point she is picking them up, singing to them, swinging them on her swingset...the next she is screaming bloody murder that she is scared of bugs! what a weird girl...i keep telling her that bugs are our friends...some days she buys it others she thinks i am crazy :)

we are headed camping this weekend...oh my!!! i hope it goes well. i am sure we will have fun... but camping with a 3year old and a 3 month old will be entertaining at least :)
i am adding some video of kinley eating her cereal and cooing away. she is starting to be so vocal...which is a blast!
i hope you all are having a wonderful week! i will update on our trip when we get home :) i am sure some fun stories will come out of that !

Sunday, May 18, 2008

and summer temps have arrived :)

it is going to be 86 today! crazy how last week we had snow off and on and now this week is crazy warm! i am so excited for the warm weather! i love laying by the pool, taking walks, working in the yard, just being outside! i am so excited to take the girls to the pool this summer. kya is a now a awesome swimmer and i cannot wait to see how much fun she will have! today i walked home from church with the girls since mark had to stay and do the offering counting. it was so nice to just throw the girls in the double stroller and enjoy the walk. kya loved picking flowers the entire way home!

praise the Lord for rice cereal! my little kinley was having some troubles sleeping well at night, and we took her into the doc and she was only 10lbs 13 oz at 14 weeks old. so doctor stevens thought it would be a good time to start cereal at night! what a great idea :) kinley has been almost sleeping through the night and goes down wide awake and falls asleep like a dream! let me tell you what a difference this has made in my life! i was so exhausted from feeding every 3hrs all night long it feels AMAZING to sleep 5-7 hrs straight! i feel like a new person!

kya had a great day yesterday playing outside. we all got a little color and just had a great day! if you watch the video in this post you will see how much fun kya had! mark and i were watching her run around and were amazed at how old she is now..she is now a little girl! she is so much fun and she makes us laugh all the time. she is a blessing to our family! kinley has started to really talk a lot which is a kick in the pants. i will have to get some new video up so you all can have a conversation with this sweet baby!

well i hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Monday, May 12, 2008

happy mothers day

Happy mothers day!
how fun! mothers day just keeps getting better the older kya is and now that i have 2 girls!! kya is in school on fridays and she brought home a present for me! she was so excited to give it to me for mothers day. it was a beautiful hand print of her with flowers and buttons! i was so excited to get my first hand made present from her! she was so proud!
we had a wonderful day with family playing in the yard! mark made me feel so special and valued! i truly feel blessed by my girls!
i hope you all had a great mothers day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

my artist :)

it has been a couple of crazy days here at the guikema house! on weds i picked up 6hrs of call at work and ended up working which was i thought :) i got home around 1200am and climbed into bed around 1230, my bed was a welcomed heaven....but not for long :) kinley woke up around 115 am to eat...i fed her and again was so excited to get all snuggled in my bed! i was in bed for no longer then 15 min and kya started crying for daddy, mark got up and within minutes i hear puking... :( mark and i talked later about it...when i ran into kya's room mark and i really didn't even exchange words. i grabbed kya and ran to the bathroom hoping to catch some of the mess in the toilet. mark with out a word started stripping the bed and carrying everything downstairs to start a load of laundry. i threw kya into the bath...poor thing was covered..yuck! she just kept saying "mommy i so sorry i puked...i so sick"! if only i was that sweet when i am sick:) mark and i regrouped in our bedroom and tried to explain to kya that she was old enough to try to puke in a bowl.. it has been about 11 months since she last had the flu. she said she would and boy she did not want that bowl out of her hands :) and the puke fest started....poor thing was hanging into the bowl every 40 minutes all night long! i was so proud of her..she was such a trooper! by 930 am she was in the sandbox singing away. now let me remind you she had been up since 2am! kids are so amazing i don't know a adult alive that would be that happy after such a night. i was just so glad she was on the mend and it was a short lived bug!!

now for the funny part leading to my title of this blog.. well you know those times when you are just so sleepy that you probably let your kids have a little too much freedom? well it was one of those mornings yesterday! kya was playing away, kinley was sleeping...and i was busy paying bills online ...i was thinking wow kya is just being so quiet...too quiet! oh well i thought at least i am getting a lot done. about 30 min later i headed down stairs and she was doing a puzzle, i was so proud of her! after lunch we headed upstairs again for naptime and kya said she had to show me something. she grabbed my hand and lead me to my room....pointing to my full length mirror with such pride in her eyes..."look mommy isn't it beautiful?". all i could do was laugh and tell her it was amazing :) she even had nicely put all the wrappers in the trash not leaving one piece of mess! only a mother would be so proud! what do you think brooke k. does she have some talent or what !!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

kinley hudson 3 month pictures

my sweet kinley
my butterfly baby

spring time baby

what a smile

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new pictures

what a day!!

it has been a great yet busy day! you know those days when you wake up with a list of things you want to get done. you already feel like you are behind when your feet hit the ground. now is is 430 pm and i feel GREAT!! i actually accomplished all i wanted to get done! the girls have been angels today so that helped with it all!! thank you kya and kinley :)
so here i am...with some free time before mark gets home! i am actually really enjoying this blog. i am also loving keeping up on my friends lives with their blogs! what a great invention!
this weekend was fast but fun! we had sean and lexi over on friday to hang out. it was so much fun to watch averi and kya play together. it is so obvious that they are getting older by watching them play. we are thinking about putting them in a dance class together...that would be a blast!
kya is again keeping up entertained...i will put up her latest dancing video..i know i shouldn't be teaching my daughter to be shaking her bootie...but it is just too darn cute..
well here it is...enjoy :)