Monday, January 31, 2011

kinley started school!!!

kinley started preschool this past week. she is going to heritage elementary school in the "young 3's" classroom. kinley has been evaluated through early childhood intervention through the school district and she qualified for special needs or an "iep" which is a individualized education plan. this has been such a blessing, but at the very same time has been a hard process. it is never easy hearing your child has delays and is behind from where she should be for her age. they tell us most of her delays they believe are highly correlated to her chronic ear infections her first 2 years of life. she did not have a normal hearing screen till her second set of tubes was placed last december. we are just going on 1 year of her hearing normal, so of course her speech would be delayed. but they also stated she continues to be delayed in her gross motor skills, and motor planning. after her "iep" meeting last week, i could not stop crying on the way home. my heart just hurt for her..they said the noticed in her evaluation that she is very smart, and is very aware that she is is behind her peers in her speech. i also have noticed in the last couple months her withdrawing and going to do her own thing because she feels insecure that she can not communicate like her peers. the team feels very confident that with her coming to school and being with kids her age , and working daily with ot, pt, and speech specialists they will get her to where she needs to be for kindergarten. the team we are working with are AMAZING! they LOVE kinley and are always saying what a great personality she has and what a joy she is to be around. we love her teacher at her new school and they have welcomed kinley with open arms. i am so excited for this for kinley and i pray that this helps her so that she can communicate better. please keep kinley in your prayers that she would thrive in this environment! and prayers for her mama who is missing her baby girl at home 4 mornings a week :)
here are some pictures of our sweet kinley her first couple days of school. she is too cute putting on her backpack and walking into school! we love you kinley hudson! we know God has a VERY SPECIAL plan for your life! your joy of life and amazing smile have and will continue to touch so many people! we love you soo much and are so proud of you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

vegas :)

mark had a conference in vegas last week and i got to tag along! it was so nice to get some quality one on one time with mark in the well for me to get to nice relaxation time during the day! it was BEAUTIFUL weather and i got to spend a lot of time by the pool soaking in the sunshine! it was AWESOME! when mark would finish a the conference we got to enjoy nice long dinners just chatting and catching up and then spend the nights watching the fun "shows" on the strip and did some slots :) mark even won $50 on a penny slot! kind of fun! we stayed at the trump hotel...which was so nice and even got upgraded to a penthouse was amazing! it had an amazing view of the entire strip! over all was such a great time just reconnecting with my AMAZING husband!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

christmas 2010

we had a great christmas day this year. i think mommy and daddy were as excited for the kids to celebrate! the girl were so fun this year to watch open presents and enjoy the day celebrating the birth of jesus! mark made an amazing birthday cake for christmas eve for jesus. the girls thought that was pretty awesome. they LOVED singing happy birthday to jesus! the girls got their wishes from santa...kya got a netbook computer and kinley a new doll stroller, and they both got american dolls/clothes/ beds from their grandparents and family. they were soo excited. kya got lanie and kinley got a doll she named hudson :) both lanie and hudson have become a part of our family :) here are some highlights from the day. mommy's camera broke midway though christmas morning, so we had to make due with mommy's old camera :) we are hoping they can fix my camera..i have been in withdrawal not being able to take pictures since christmas morning :)

santa train :)

we took the girls on the georgetown santa train a couple days before christmas. they girls were so excited to get on the "polar express" in their new pj's.we got a lot of time with santa, had hot cocoa and cookie, we sang christmas carols. and got to enjoy the falling snow as we rode the train through the beautiful mountains we had a WONDERFUL family day together. we are planning of making this an annual tradition with the girls!


we had a lot of christmas parties this year. these are a couple from the van eps family get together.