Friday, February 8, 2013

happy 5th birthday kinley

wow...5 years old is a big one! when i sit and actually think over the last 5 years i start to tear up! one word that i would use to describe you is JOY! what JOY you have brought to our is contagious :) your love for life and others amazes everyone that knows you. every day you wake up with a huge smile on your face and happy heart. what amazes me more is that life has not been easy for you...but don't let that dampen your spirit. God is going to use you for something truly AMAZING! what an example you are to others that just because life brings can still have TRUE JOY.
kinley 2 years ago when we were told you may never talk heart BROKE...i was shattered on the inside. but when i looked in your beautiful eyes.... all i saw HOPE. you have fought each and every day to get those words out! but you DID IT....and you did it with joy :) you are my hero!
sweet kinley i love how all you need is a couple plastic animals and you entertain yourself for hours. i love how every time i go on the ipad or my phone there are hundreds of self portraits of you making silly faces. i love the funny phrases you have started using...your sense of humor is hilarious! i love how you never tire of a game of hide and go seek. i love how you still love to suck you fingers and rub your boobie when you go to sleep :) i love how you ADORE your sister and tell her all the time how much you love her. i love how you love for me to reach back in the car and hold your hand. i love  how you love to leave surprise pictures for us all under our pillows. i love listening to you jabber while playing with your toys. i love how you LOVE to help me with any project i am doing. "i help you mama" is a phrase i hear NUMEROUS times a day. i love how you love to wear a hat to school no matter what the weather is. i love how excited you get when a new sound comes out right...and you do a fist pump and say "yes"! i love how you love to cuddle. i love how you get so excited to do even the simplest of things. i love how you try to sneak toys in your backpack every day to take to school. i love how cute you look in your glasses. i love your belly laugh. i love your loud voice. i love listening to you sing along to songs on the radio. i love watching you "read" books. i love all the animal sounds you make. i love you sooo much kinley....i could go on forever :)
happy 5th birthday sweet kinley hudson. i trulygot blessed getting to be your mama! you are such a HUGE blessing in my life. i feel so lucky to get to be your best cheerleader in life!