Friday, September 7, 2012

back to school

we are just finishing our 3rd week of school and i am starting to really love it. i always have a kind of "2 year old moment" when school is first starting. i go kicking and sad that summer is over and pool days have come to an end. it feels like all year long you wait for summer and then it is done SO QUICK. But after a couple of weeks i am loving the routine of life. my temper tantrum about summer being over ends quite quickly and i am realizing there was no need to be sad...fall is on the way :) i am by nature a routine kinda much as i love summer...the pool...the late nights...the open days....i love ROUTINE and i love FALL.  the girls are doing great in school and love their teachers. there is a hint of fall in the air today and i am SO HAPPY! i started to sprinkle some fall decorations around the house which always makes me smile :)
here are some pics from back to school...these girls sure do bring me JOY!