Monday, September 29, 2008

my talking baby :)

kinley is starting to really "talk" ! i love my moments sitting and have a "conversation" with her! what fun~! enjoy :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

kinley's baptism

what a great weekend! we had such a great time with family! here are some pictures from the weekend! the girls loved all the swimming and the quality time with grandpa and grandma! we had a wonderful day on sunday. we had a bunch of friends and family over for lunch. we feel so blessed with all the amazing people god has placed in our lives. we could not have a better family or group of friends!

Grandparents Reading Dora

You have to love Grandparents. Dad and Jan were out to visit for Kinley's baptism this past weekend. We had lots of fun driving to the mountains, swimming at the hotel pool, and enjoying the hospitality offered by Embassy Suites. Before heading out this morning, Kya requested that Grandpa and Grandma read a book for her before going to bed last night. And just to make things interesting, she chose a Dora book. One of the great things about Dora is that she mixes a little Spanish in with the mostly English writing to encourage kids reading the books to learn Spanish. Great for young kids whose minds are sponges and no one really cares how they say the words. Also great for Brooke and I as we listened to Grandpa try to pronounce words like "Gracias" (pronounced Grashiass) and "Hola" (pronounced Hola like you would say Holy). Lots of good laughter for us, and for Kya. But one thing is certain, while the Spanish pronunciation may be lacking at times, Kya loved having her grandparents from Michigan here for a few days and they love her. Looking forward to the next visit...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

what a week!

yes i am aware of the size of her bow :)
kya and averi waiting for the pony ride
the girls on the pony ride being led by their daddy's

this week has been a crazy one :) kya got her first ear infection since she got her tubes placed 1-1/2 years ago....kinley got a nasty cold...kya got a partial bowel fun! my last 10 days or so have been filled with cleaning nasty drainage from kya's ear...sucking boogies from kinley's nose... and yes giving enemas and cheering on kya to poop! wow !!! :) i am sure you are all so jealous of my life !! no really it is amazing how you just adapt to what comes your way and it doesn't even phase you! thank the lord!! but we have made it...kya's ears are clear..kinley is almost back to normal...and well the poop thing...lets just say it is flowing :)
but we are excited for this weekend. kinley is finally getting baptized. mark and i cannot believe how fast these 7 months have flown. it is a good thing kinley is so little she fits in the same gown that kya wore at 3 months! marks dad and stepmom are coming from michigan and we are looking forward to lots of fun! here are some recent pictures of the girls...we have still been having fun despite all the "issues" the girls have been having. we went to the mountains last weekend with the matthews family and had a great time relaxing, laughing and catching up with friends! we feel so blessed to live so close to such beautiful mountains!

Monday, September 8, 2008

kinley sitting :)

Kinley is now 7 months old! she is still a little peanut just starting to grow out of her 0-3 month clothes! she is full of smiles and has such bright eyes! i can't believe how fast she is growing up! here is a video of her sitting tonight.

new things!

Today kya had her first ballet class! she was so excited! she was smiling from ear to ear as we were getting her dressed. it was so fun to watch her dance with all the other little girls! i don't think she learned much...she was too busy checking herself out in the mirror :) kinley also had a big week! she finally figured out how to sit up!! she is loving sitting and being able to see all that is going on! my girls are growing up so fast! i love it and hate it all at the same time :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


kya is in preschool! this is her first year in actual preschool 2 morning a week! she is super excited and loves to meet new people. she is so excited to get dressed and get her snack in her back pack! this morning on the way to school i was telling her i hope she had a good day today at school and was kind to her new friends. she replied by saying " mommy don't you worry kya is a good girl " i told her i know she is and am proud of her! as we were walking in she told me " don't cry mommy kya will come home soon okay ". i am guessing she was gathering that from the other little kiddos that would cry when their mommies would drop them off. but i told her i would not cry :)! i am absolutely LOVING this age! i love hearing what she is processing in her head! here are some pictures of my big girl all ready for school!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

fun moments!

today we spent the day at home and played. it love these days! kinley is really starting to learn how to move her walker. i often turn around and find her right on my fun! her teeth are also moving on cute! i had dylan and maci here today for part of the day kya loves it when they come. maci and kya spent all morning playing dress up and dancing all over the house! dylan came after school for lunch and i got a couple cute pictures of the three curly headed cousins!

miss mobile :)
look at those teeth!

labor day weekend!

my girls
oh kinley you are so cute!
kya trying out the batter :)
finished :)
daddy and kya at the zoo
me and my sweet kya
happy kinley in the stroller
strike a pose
hey duckies

we had a wonderful memorial day weekend at home this year. we went to the farmers market...the park a couple of times...the zoo..played in the back yard...baked a was so much fun!! kya absolutely LOVES the zoo and is almost buzzing with excitement the entire time she is there! kinley loved just hanging in the stroller or bjorn...such a happy baby! here are some pics from our great family weekend that we didn't want to end!