Wednesday, September 3, 2008

fun moments!

today we spent the day at home and played. it love these days! kinley is really starting to learn how to move her walker. i often turn around and find her right on my fun! her teeth are also moving on cute! i had dylan and maci here today for part of the day kya loves it when they come. maci and kya spent all morning playing dress up and dancing all over the house! dylan came after school for lunch and i got a couple cute pictures of the three curly headed cousins!

miss mobile :)
look at those teeth!


Mrs. Knipp said...

Dylan's hair is insane. I love it. (Great pics of the whole weekend, by the way :)

Clark Family said...

So fun friend!!! I love reading this thing :) We are on our way home from Texas tomorrow... I'll call you soon so we can catch up :) glad you had such a great weekend with the fam :)

dana said...

Love the curls

Cheri Van Stelle said...

ADORABLE!!! now Kinley just needs to grow some curls!