Thursday, September 18, 2008

what a week!

yes i am aware of the size of her bow :)
kya and averi waiting for the pony ride
the girls on the pony ride being led by their daddy's

this week has been a crazy one :) kya got her first ear infection since she got her tubes placed 1-1/2 years ago....kinley got a nasty cold...kya got a partial bowel fun! my last 10 days or so have been filled with cleaning nasty drainage from kya's ear...sucking boogies from kinley's nose... and yes giving enemas and cheering on kya to poop! wow !!! :) i am sure you are all so jealous of my life !! no really it is amazing how you just adapt to what comes your way and it doesn't even phase you! thank the lord!! but we have made it...kya's ears are clear..kinley is almost back to normal...and well the poop thing...lets just say it is flowing :)
but we are excited for this weekend. kinley is finally getting baptized. mark and i cannot believe how fast these 7 months have flown. it is a good thing kinley is so little she fits in the same gown that kya wore at 3 months! marks dad and stepmom are coming from michigan and we are looking forward to lots of fun! here are some recent pictures of the girls...we have still been having fun despite all the "issues" the girls have been having. we went to the mountains last weekend with the matthews family and had a great time relaxing, laughing and catching up with friends! we feel so blessed to live so close to such beautiful mountains!

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Mandy Stevenson said...

Love it! Sounds quite a bit ike life in my home right now...minus the bowel obstruction and ear infection. Colds for everyone, mood swings to boot! ;)