Monday, October 26, 2009

pumpkin shirt :)

every time a new holiday is approaching and kids start to wear "themed" clothing to school kya always starts begging for some. she thinks it is just so unfair that all her friends get holiday fun shirts and she just wears coordinating colors. i have explained that mommy would rather spend $ on a shirt she can wear for a long time then a shirt she can just wear for a week or so. i thought she had finally gotten over it until last week when a friend of mine took kya for the morning. her girls are always dressed so cute for the holidays with adorable outfits. when kya got home from their playdate i found out she had asked miss jamie if she would buy her a halloween shirt since her mommy wouldn't get one for her!!!
so the night before her harvest party after i had worked a half of shift i went to walmart at midnight on my way home and searched for a halloween shirt to surprise her with that next morning. i should have gotten a picture of her smile when she came down stairs and i had her outfit all set out! she was SOOOO excited! i love that a $4.99 that i bought at walmart made her day! so here she is all decked out for her party. she couldn't stop hugging me and thanking me for her pumpkin shirt! i love this girl!

kinley didn't get a halloween shirt and got the traditional color matching outfit :) a orange-ish shirt with black leggings :) sorry kinley! i love these girls and how much they love each other!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

anderson farms

we went to anderson farms last weekend for the first time. what a cool place. the girls were super excited and mark and i had a blast too! we will definitely be making this an annual trip from now on!


they had barrel rides and kya wanted kinley to ride with her. mark and i laughed so hard as they came by and all you could see of kinley was her bows :)

the girls LOVED feeding the goats...kya walked from goat to goat so they all got some food!

kinley loved all the animals! what a fun time together as a family

one of kya's favorite parts of the day was mining for gems. she was so proud of her baggie of gems she found. she has been carrying them everywhere since then!

i loved watching kya take kinley through the hay maze!

our family! i love kinley's facial expressions :)

we took a hayride to the pumpkin patch, and got to feed cattle and buffalo along the way.

amazing pumpkin patch!! nothing beats the colorado background!

the girls picking out their pumpkins

kya doing the trike track and milking the cow :)

such a great day!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


we are starting a new study in our church called 40 days of community. it is all about LOVE. it has really challenged me to how i love. if i am really loving the way christ has called me to. i feel both my eyes and heart being opened to what god is really calling for my life. when i look at my 2 sweet girls, i so want to be a godly example of a loving mom. i want them so witness a difference in my life. god has entrusted these 2 amazingly created girls to me and mark. wow what a responsibility and a honor!

kya was super start at preschool last week! she was SOO excited! she got to dress up in what she wanted and share what made her a super star. when i asked her why she is a super was so quick to answer "because jesus is in my heart". this girl is a daily reminder to christ's love. her heart is truly amazing! i have learned so much from being her mommy!

these girls LOVE their daddy. when they wake up from their naps. the both want to know when daddy will be there. kya asks, and asks, and asks, and kinley walks to the front door signing please ...over and over...over! they both love to go and sit on the front porch and watch for daddy's car to pull up! i want that excitement in my life with my heavenly daddy :) i want the first thing on my mind when i wake to be when i get to spend time with him and to beg for that time! i love watching my kids and learning from the way they love. unconditionally, with out hesitation, honest, pure and quick to forgive. wow if i could just do it as well as they do!