Saturday, October 10, 2009


we are starting a new study in our church called 40 days of community. it is all about LOVE. it has really challenged me to how i love. if i am really loving the way christ has called me to. i feel both my eyes and heart being opened to what god is really calling for my life. when i look at my 2 sweet girls, i so want to be a godly example of a loving mom. i want them so witness a difference in my life. god has entrusted these 2 amazingly created girls to me and mark. wow what a responsibility and a honor!

kya was super start at preschool last week! she was SOO excited! she got to dress up in what she wanted and share what made her a super star. when i asked her why she is a super was so quick to answer "because jesus is in my heart". this girl is a daily reminder to christ's love. her heart is truly amazing! i have learned so much from being her mommy!

these girls LOVE their daddy. when they wake up from their naps. the both want to know when daddy will be there. kya asks, and asks, and asks, and kinley walks to the front door signing please ...over and over...over! they both love to go and sit on the front porch and watch for daddy's car to pull up! i want that excitement in my life with my heavenly daddy :) i want the first thing on my mind when i wake to be when i get to spend time with him and to beg for that time! i love watching my kids and learning from the way they love. unconditionally, with out hesitation, honest, pure and quick to forgive. wow if i could just do it as well as they do!


elizabeth said...

beautiful. we learn a lot from children.

Molly at Blink Photographic said...

This post is cool, Brooke. And, I SOOOO want a hat like the one you're wearing at the top of your blog home page - you look amazing - and count me inspired! Gotta go shopping.
Miss you guys.

service said...

I couldn't agree more. Being a mom has opened my heart to many doors I didn't even know I had! Thanks so much for all of the pics and updates! I love seeing what you have been up to and how you are all doing! The girls are just beautiful!

mbguikema said...

who is service??

Brooke said...

The mysterious "service" commented on my blog, too. Who are you???

And lovely post, by the way :)