Wednesday, September 30, 2009

gotta love colorado!!

last weekend we headed up to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful fall colors. we have had a crazy couple months and we were looking forward to just relaxing and getting away. we went and heard the elk bugle which we love...but we were quick to figure out that kinley was not too hot on the idea. she did okay for about 20 minutes and then to put it nicely she was done :) the first night went very well, but when we got there to watch again on sat night she was way more open with the way she felt about the plans for the night :) other than that we had a overall great weekend. i loved the drives in and out of the mountains. listening to great music and taking in all the beautiful colors was just what my soul needed. there is just something about getting into god's creation that mends the soul. here are some ( well a lot) of pictures of our weekend!


the first night of fun watching the elk :)

great times!

wow i love this guy!!

kya LOVED this!! is she cute or what?

daddy got us all new hats...we love them!

sweet kinley i love her!

watching the elk!

me and my amazing girls!

daddy took kya on sunday morning fishing..such a great dad!

the sights on the way home...amazing!!



elizabeth said...

How beautiful! God's creation really speaks of His goodness!

Anonymous said...

You tke such awesome pictures!! But then you have such awesome subjects!!

Brooke said...

-I love their hats :)

-Now I really really want to go to the mountains :)

-I can't believe how grown up Kya looks!

-I've never witnessed the elk---where can we do that???

mbguikema said...

i know kya is all the sudden a little girl and kinley is no longer a baby!! i thought it would make me sad, but i love this phase! the elk are AWESOME! you guys should drive up to estes. if you go into rocky mountian national park they bugel in the evenings! it is so fun you should go! i think they are almost done!

Anonymous said...

I love all these pictures! You guys have the most amazing family get-a-ways. What a blessed family you are to have each other!

Molly at Blink Photographic said...

you all are adorable.
just read the "our family" bit - with pics of you meeting each of the girls - totally tearing up. it's flying by, isn't it? way too fast, just like everyone said it would!
miss you all.