Wednesday, September 2, 2009

national jewish testing day

today mark has another testing day at national jewish. his sarcoidosis has been flaring up a lot lately. mark is so positive and has a hard time letting people know when he is not doing well, but it is really starting to wear on him. he is just sick of feeling sick. we have been discouraged with it feeling like he has not taken any steps toward remission. today they are repeating the cat scan and chest xray. they have not done that since his initial diagnosis in the end of april. we are hoping they do not see any additional nodules in his lungs and that his lymph nodes are looking better. we are also praying that his pulmonary function tests are doing better! we will update later today and let you all know how it went!

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elizabeth said...

Thanks for letting us know. It is important to share how we are feeling! One must not be an isolated, esp. when they need encouragement!

I will pray and will be in church tonight as well, where I will also pray for you both.