Tuesday, September 8, 2009

growing up soo fast...

today kya started pre-k. i cannot believe that she is already in the "school years"!! these last 4 years have flown...crazy to think that in a couple years she will be gone to school all day! that is super scary for me and SOO SAD! i absolutely LOVE spending my days with my girls! i LOVE being a mom! i feel so blessed to be entrusted by god to raise these kids! it is a hard job that makes me worry more often then i would like, but also such a privilege! i so want to be a godly mom who teaches her kids to love the lord with all their hearts!
these sweet girls are such a gift!

kya absolutely LOVES school! she loves to read, she loves to write her name, she loves to sing, she loves to interact with others, she loves EVERYHING about school!
she was more then excited that today she started pre-k!

i want to take more time to treasure what time i have with the girls at home! i want to be less preoccupied with the "tasks" of each day and to take time with them! before i know it i will be home alone during the day. i want to be a mom that makes the time each day to have some quality time with my girls. this summer was such a great one, and i really felt i got some AMAZING time with them. as fall starts and it is busier, i want to continue to make that quality time a priority and leave the laundry, emails, cleaning etc for a later time!

she was sooo excited about her new high school musical backpack that she picked out all on her own!

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