Thursday, March 15, 2012


kinley is taking the bus to school a couple days a week. she LOVES the bus...every day i take her to school she walks past the bus and begs to ride it. mark and i got talking and decided to let her try a couple days a week. let me tell you how excited she is! i have to be honest that many tears were flowing behind my sunglasses when she gave me a big hug and kiss and said "bye mama...i go bus" and just walked herself to the bus and climbed on without a blink of fear! my sweet baby girl is growing up! when i think back to a year ago when she got first diagnosed with apraxia and now to where she is now...i am BLOWN away! GOD IS GOOD! he is PRESENT and ALIVE in this journey to finding kinley's voice!

i love you kinley hudson!!

loving life!

the weather is getting warmer..and i LOVE it. it just does something to your soul to be outside playing with your family. we have SOO enjoyed being outside as much as possible soaking it all in! kya was so excited to get back on her bike and it didn't take long for her to take off after a long winter not being able to ride her 2 wheeler. kinley is sooo excited that she figured out how to drive the jeep! she loves that thing and is almost always is full giggle mode when she is in it. the PURE joy on the girls faces is awesome! belle is also enjoying all the play time. kinley loves to take her in the jeep....all except when kinley takes the turns too fast and belle falls out of the jeep and has to do a tuck and roll :) good thing that dog is tough and such a good sport!

here are so other things that have put a HUGE smile on our faces!
we got a new patio set! we live outside all summer long and our old set was needing to be retired...i am sooo excited to have this set that we can eat every meal at all summer long!
kya lost her 2nd tooth!!! she was sooo excited!
we got a letter in the mail that kya had been selected to be an aurora scholar! this is a HUGE accomplishment for her! we could not be MORE PROUD of her!

and these are a regular part of my life. my sweet girl is always leaving me notes like this! i hope someday i can grow up to be more like her! she sure knows how to love people!