Thursday, May 31, 2012

the c word

i don't know where to even start with this is hard posting about "regular"life when something huge happens in it....
right before we left for vacation my parents told us my dad most likely had prostate cancer. he had gone in for physical and had gotten some very alarming results from his psa blood tests. they doctor wanted to do a biopsy asap. he had the biopsy when we were gone to florida. the day we got back the results came back as an aggressive type cancer. they then scheduled my dad for a pet scan and cat scan to see if the cancer had spread. a little over 3 weeks ago we all went in for the results...we were prepared for the worst as the doctors has warned us that with this type of cancer it may have spread. at that meeting we were told dad had terminal metastatic cancer. the prostate cancer has metastasized to both his bone and his lymph system...we were in shock and heartbroken to hear this news....
the past 3 weeks have been dad is currently in treatment to help slow down the cancer. he has had numerous tests and consults. it is is is sad...i am angry...i am heart broken....
i can't believe this is happening to my family. you see other families go through this but when it hits your family it is shocking.
we are taking this journey a day at a time. we are thankful we have time with my dad to make memories and just be together. we are unsure of what the future will hold. we are praying that this current treatment works for many years so that we can make LOTS of memories together!
i love this picture. nothing makes my dad happier then his grandkids! and these kids LOVE their papa! we pray that we all can have lots of time together!
we cherish your prayers for our family as we go through this...

Monday, May 21, 2012

the last hurrah in orlando

we left nettles and headed back up to orlando for a couple days before heading home. we surprised the girls and stayed a the Nickelodeon resort. it is a fun kid resort with 2 water restaurants...and character meetings. they room was great the girls had their own room with bunkbeds  and a tv ...they thought that was AWESOME! a couple times a day the water parks they  have a "SLIME"....the girls thought that was amazing!

we made one final stop at downtown disney the day we left! just had to get one last taste of this great place!

what an amazing vacation we had! to have 2 weeks away together was a true treat! we made memories to last a lifetime! SOOO thankful!

last day in paradise!

sat was our last day at nettles...we headed to a street fair on the water! it was a beautiful morning and got to snack on fun treats and enjoy the water view!

of course we saw more dolphins !! this NEVER gets old!!

that evening we found a great park right on the beach!!


mark, kya  and dad headed out on friday on a fishing charter for the day! they had a great time catching a bunch of fish and seeing alot of sea animals! kya thought i was amazing! what a fun memory for them to have!

dinner on the beach :)

one of our favorite things was spending our evenings having dinner on the beach! what a great way to end each amazing day! dad and jan took us to  a great place for our birthdays this night! so fun!

back to bathtub reef!

we had to catch one more day at bathtub reef for some snorkeling, boogie boarding and tide pools!