Monday, September 28, 2009

fall is here :)

the last couple weeks have been super busy! i am finally feeling like i am in a schedule for the fall! kya is back in school , she started jazz/tap/ballet class, kinley is in speech and physical therapy 4 times a month, my women's bible study started, work, and of course all the other things that keep mama's busy!
last week i surprised mark and we went out on a last minute date night. it was so fun to go out with just the two of us and catch up! i so love this guy and love doing life with him. he is the perfect partner for me! i am so thankful god lead us together!

we are so excited and loving watching kinley walk all over the place. but with that new found freedom and mobility comes falls. the poor girls nose took the brunt of this fall!

kya LOVES to dance. she has taken ballet the last year, but this year she is in a combo class! she was so excited to go get tap shoes! i love that she has found something that she loves! i can't wait to see her learn more! here she is before her first dance class! i can't wait for kinley to start dance...maybe even someday they can do a class together!

starting tomorrow i get to take care of this cute boy one day a week for the next month. my girlfriend is going back to work and i get to watch him! we are so excited to have keaton hang out with us! i can only imagine how much kya will be begging to have another brother or sister after watching him! he is such a sweet baby! we love him!


elizabeth said...

So glad to see your girls growing! You and Mark are in my morning prayers!

Kristi K said...

i absolutely LOVE the picture of the four of you at the top of the blog!! great to hear an update. for some reason fall makes me miss denver and all of you more than any other season. say hi to the family for us! love, k

Anonymous said...

Love the new top picture but Mark where is YOUR hat??? Come on the team has to play together!! :-)

Love Ya!