Monday, January 3, 2011

my crazy baby

i love when i have some one on one time with kinley..she is such a funny girl! it has been awesome to have our mornings together while big sissy is off at school. she is always happy and entertaining. she LOVES to laugh and her best buddy is wilson our dog. she loves him so much she actually acts like a dog...a lot of her days i find her barking, crawling, and licking like wilson. i think it is kind of funny and hope this is not something that continues forever :) she is learning more and more words which is awesome. kinley has been working with a speech therapist since she was 2 and we have seen some HUGE strides. recently we had her evaluation with the school district and she got approved for early preschool for her speech. they tell us she has apraxia of speech..which basically means she KNOWS what she wants to say, but just has a hard time having the motor planning to make the sounds. she starts school right after her 3rd birthday which is feb 7th. i feel so blessed to live in such a great school district with amazing services at our fingertips and they are all for free! praise God! BUT..... i am having a hard time knowing my baby is starting school 3-4 morning and week next month. i know this is what is best for kinley, and i am trusting God will give me the strength to be strong for her. here are some fun pictures of kinley in a typical morning with mommy and wilson. i get tears in my eyes knowing these are coming to an end :( i love you kinley hudson you are PURE JOY in my life!


elizabeth said...

I started school early too (not for speech but for fine motor skills) and it really helped me! Your girls are both so beautiful! Wishing your family God's blessings in 2011!!

CHERI said...

Just reading this made me cry! Kinley is such a joy I love having my alone time with her...I will try to be strong too... it is so exciting to look forward to seeing what she is going to learn in the next year!!