Monday, May 26, 2008

camping trip ....

kya fishing :)
do you have one kya?
having fun at the lake !
daddy's girl
sweet kinley

my camping baby girl :)

so excited for marshmellows!
the diva fisher girl
on her way to fish
daddy and kya going fishin

well we did it ! we survived our first camping trip with a family of 4!! and we had a WONDERFUL time!! i was a little worried about how this weekend would go...but i really have no complaints it was so much fun! the girls could not have done better. kya is now a HUGE fan of camping. the first night we got there she was not too sure about sleeping in the trailer..but both nights both girls were asleep without a peep by 830 pm. we had campfires....roasted marshmellows...went fishing ( well kind of)...hung out on the beach...went to a music much fun.

by day one i think kya had met every kid by our campsite. she would play for hours down at the playground with all the kids. she of course wanted to know all their names... my little social girl :)

kinley did awesome for her first camping trip...she was happy and content! what a good baby :)

we are excited to go again for the 4th of july and for kya's 3rd birthday!


Mandy Stevenson said...

what a fun trip for everyone! i'm glad it went well!!

Clark Family said...

Hey there hot stuff... Your camping trip looked like so much fun... wish we could have joined you... I'm glad the girls did well in the trailer :)
We are missing out on our annual camping trip this year. The family that we usually go with is having a baby in a week or so and we are just five weeks out... I guess new babies are two good reasons to take a year off :)love ya friend