Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fun times :)

Kinley Hudson 15 weeks
my sweet baby girl
what ya looking a kinley? just hanging out

this week has been fun! we have been loving the warm weather and been outside as much as possible. kya is loving getting as dirty and wet as she can :) she is also loving help plant the gardens. she has found a weird fear of bugs. at one point she is picking them up, singing to them, swinging them on her swingset...the next she is screaming bloody murder that she is scared of bugs! what a weird girl...i keep telling her that bugs are our friends...some days she buys it others she thinks i am crazy :)

we are headed camping this weekend...oh my!!! i hope it goes well. i am sure we will have fun... but camping with a 3year old and a 3 month old will be entertaining at least :)
i am adding some video of kinley eating her cereal and cooing away. she is starting to be so vocal...which is a blast!
i hope you all are having a wonderful week! i will update on our trip when we get home :) i am sure some fun stories will come out of that !


Clark Family said...

Have fun this weekend... i can't wait to hear all about it... Love ya...

Mandy Stevenson said...

love the coos! kate's just not quite there yet. have fun this weekend...can't wait to hear all of the stories!!