Friday, May 9, 2008

my artist :)

it has been a couple of crazy days here at the guikema house! on weds i picked up 6hrs of call at work and ended up working which was i thought :) i got home around 1200am and climbed into bed around 1230, my bed was a welcomed heaven....but not for long :) kinley woke up around 115 am to eat...i fed her and again was so excited to get all snuggled in my bed! i was in bed for no longer then 15 min and kya started crying for daddy, mark got up and within minutes i hear puking... :( mark and i talked later about it...when i ran into kya's room mark and i really didn't even exchange words. i grabbed kya and ran to the bathroom hoping to catch some of the mess in the toilet. mark with out a word started stripping the bed and carrying everything downstairs to start a load of laundry. i threw kya into the bath...poor thing was covered..yuck! she just kept saying "mommy i so sorry i puked...i so sick"! if only i was that sweet when i am sick:) mark and i regrouped in our bedroom and tried to explain to kya that she was old enough to try to puke in a bowl.. it has been about 11 months since she last had the flu. she said she would and boy she did not want that bowl out of her hands :) and the puke fest started....poor thing was hanging into the bowl every 40 minutes all night long! i was so proud of her..she was such a trooper! by 930 am she was in the sandbox singing away. now let me remind you she had been up since 2am! kids are so amazing i don't know a adult alive that would be that happy after such a night. i was just so glad she was on the mend and it was a short lived bug!!

now for the funny part leading to my title of this blog.. well you know those times when you are just so sleepy that you probably let your kids have a little too much freedom? well it was one of those mornings yesterday! kya was playing away, kinley was sleeping...and i was busy paying bills online ...i was thinking wow kya is just being so quiet...too quiet! oh well i thought at least i am getting a lot done. about 30 min later i headed down stairs and she was doing a puzzle, i was so proud of her! after lunch we headed upstairs again for naptime and kya said she had to show me something. she grabbed my hand and lead me to my room....pointing to my full length mirror with such pride in her eyes..."look mommy isn't it beautiful?". all i could do was laugh and tell her it was amazing :) she even had nicely put all the wrappers in the trash not leaving one piece of mess! only a mother would be so proud! what do you think brooke k. does she have some talent or what !!!


tim and kristi said...

that is so funny! i am laughing away in the computer lab at school.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome Brooke! You do have an artist on your hands!!! Too funny! :)

Brooke said...

AHAHAHAHAHA! Low relief sculpture? Marcel DuChamp signed a urinal and called it art. Kya is in good company, and WAY ahead of her time. A friend of mine used to stick pads onto the bottoms of her feet and "skate" through the kitchen when she was little. They are so multi-functional. That is so hilarious. I'm glad she's feeling better, too :) Great to see you guys tonight!

Laura Davis said...

Hi Mandy's SIL here:) I just had to comment! Wow what a moment, too funny!