Friday, August 1, 2008


he is home!!!
the hospital is crazy like that. yesterday when we asked about how long he would stay the response was "one day at a time.. it could take a little while" today being sent home. dad was pretty pumped when they said it was a possibility. he was pretty determined today. he walked the halls...took a shower...amazing for that just 1 week ago tomorrow we were not sure how this was all going to turn out!! so we are all excited yet still holding our breath until we make it through day 10, which i went we are in the clear with his lacerated spleen. but we are so excited to see how far dad has come!~ he is one strong man!
thanks for all your prayers!!

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LauraAnne said...

Thank the Lord above. What a wonderful recovery so far. I am super happy and thankful to hear this news. Can't wait to tell my family!! Hug yourself!!