Tuesday, August 19, 2008

thank goodness!!

today we went back to the specialist to have kya's arm checked out. we were hoping to get her cast of last week...but the doctor was concerned that it was not healing well and wanted to leave it on for 1 more week. he has hinted that if it didn't start doing better she would maybe have to have surgery to fix it. we were all a little nervous this morning while heading to find out how it was!! and we were so happy to hear that it was healing a lot better. he took her cast off THANK GOODNESS!! that cast was leaking a nasty smell that we were all growing ill from :) she now is in a splint she will wear for 2 weeks and follow up. this is such good news since kya starts preschool on the 2nd and ballet on the 9th. now we don't have to worry about surgery!
kya singing :)
my big girl with her new splint

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Clark Family said...

I'm so glad her little arm is getting better... :)