Saturday, October 11, 2008

pumpkin festival

what a fun day!! the weather was cold and dreary, so we bundled everyone up really well and headed to a pumpkin festival. papa and gaga met us there for the day. we had a GREAT time doing all sorts of activities and watching pumpkins get launched. one of the teams launched about 2 football fields in length. it was very entertaining. they also had a ton of other activities to do. we could have spent all day there :) we did the hayride, hay bail maze, played on tractors, made a pumpkin hat, picked pumpkins, did the obstacle course, the stick horse race.. and the petting zoo!! was busy but so much fun!! we took over 100 pics so i had a really hard time here are some of my favorites :)

kya putting on her safety goggles :)
my baby
mommy and kins
finally she picked a pumpkin, it was quite a process :)
so heavy
on the hayride
gaga with sleeping kinley
me and my amazing husband!! LOVE HIM!!

daddy and kya
kinley LOVED the pumpkins
my girls
so happy :)
daddy finding a pumpkin with his girls

kya LOVES her papa and gaga
all bundled up for some fun!
me and my girls
gaga, kins and mommy watching the pumpkin launch!


Clark Family said...

Looks like you guys had a total blast!!! It looked Fall is supposed to be, right? :) we went camping this weekend in the mountains near our house and it was the first time that it actually felt like Fall in this crazy town. :) love ya guys...

tim and kristi said...

what a great day?! kya looks like she is at a really fun age - ready to explore and enjoy everything. thinking of you all. hopefully we will get to see you on thursday at the soccer game - tim and i are in town for the week. love, k