Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kya will kill me someday for sharing this :)

i just had to share this conversation kya had with me the other funny!
mark was upstairs at our house and kya and i were playing in the family room. we heard the toilet flush above us and kya looked up and said
"did daddy just got potty?"
"i would say so kya" .
kya said " out his peanut"?( that is her word for it :) )
"yes kya out his peanut".
"mommy those peanuts you don't want to put in your mouth huh"
"yes kya NEVER "
" okay mommy, I never want to eat those peanuts...yuck".
"you are so right kya NEVER"!!!
and that concludes our first sex talk :)


dana said...

So funny!!! I have told that story a couple of times to people.

Brooke said...

oh. my. goodness. did you teach her the right word and she turned it into "peanut"? i've never heard that euphemism before. make sure you never forget this story, it's so funny!

mbguikema said...

she was told by a boy at school that he had a "peanut"...nice huh :) i thought i was a nice word for it and not offensive so i have let her think that is the right word....never did i think she would compare it to a actual peanut!!! gotta love those moments !!

Anonymous said...

That still cracks me up! I am so glad you posted this! :)

The VandenBerg Family said...

this is one of the cutest stories i have heard in a long time! thanks for sharing!! lol