Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day!!

today was a big day for kinley! all the sudden she is starting to move!! we are doing physical therapy for kinley because she is delayed in her gross motor development due to her "hyper flexible joints". i have been working with her and wow...she is doing great! this morning i ran upstairs to get something and was shocked to see this!!... i had to leave her there and grab my camera!! way to go kinley!! i am so proud of you!

we had the camera out to catch this moment and kya said that she needed to have her picture taken :)

gotta love these girls!
they love each other!


Clark Family said...

That is sooo fun... Just today, Like 30 minutes ago, reesie started army crawling around the ENTIRE living room!!!! I get soo excited over this kinda stuff!!!!

Maybe Kinley and reesie were talking to each other telepathically and telling each other to "get movin!!!"

Love ya

tim and kristi said...

so cute. it seems like you are always finding kinley making strides - like coming into her room to see her standing. i am glad she continues to progress. soon she will be keeping up with her sister and cousins.

Brooke said...

Gooooo, Kinley, go! How exciting to see progress after starting the therapy so recently. I'm excited for your girl =)