Monday, February 8, 2010

kinley's baryard party

i decided to do a barnyard theme for kinley's 2nd bday this year. even though we just had family over for a small party i wanted to make it cute for her. i ventured out this year and made her bday cake. it was FAR from perfect but it tasted good :) i have fun setting out farm toys that all the kids could play with. kinley loved it and we had a great time :)

her barnyard invite and the piggy cake :)

i made cupcakes as a favor for the adults. they were piggy faces and piggy buns :)

the excited birthday girl :)

the 2 year old :)

fun times with the cousins. we painted piggy banks :)

opening gift. she was so excited for her new doll house :)

blowing out the candles :)


kstivers said...

How fun! You are an awesome mom to two amazing girls! Happy 2nd Birthday Kinley!

The Cipolla Family said...

So cute!!! I LOVE the piggy cake!!!

KCR said...

What a great party! Cute pics and lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

You are way too crafty!! Everything looks like it turned out perfect!