Monday, February 8, 2010

happy 2nd birthday kinley hudson!!

happy 2nd birthday!!
i cannot believe you are 2 already! i love you so much!

kinley you are such a special little girl! from day 1 you were a joy for our family! you were a easy baby! you were the the perfect addition! even though you are still tiny you have had a HUGE impact on me! your joy and your spark for life is contagious. i love how you get excited for things! it is a rare day to not have you have a smile on that sweet face of yours!
i love how you love to cuddle and suck on your 2 fingers while holding on your ear.
i love how you give everyone hugs so generously
i love how you love to read books
i love how you do things in "your time"
i love how you sing along to songs in the car
i love how you love to rock with your mommy before bed
i love to listen to you talk when you are trying to go to bed at night
i love how you think you are a dog at times and pretend to eat like one :)
i love how you love to swing and can do it for hours
i love how you find a kitchen towel and a baby entertainment for hours
i love that you hide treasures in my pots and pans...i never know what i am going to find left in them :)
i love how even though you are small you think you are just like all the other big kids
i love how you kiss the phone when talking to people
i love your joy for life
i love how you will cuddle up with anyone
i love how you have little fear :)
i could go on and on..
i have treasured being your mommy! i cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for you! i know it is going to be amazing!
i love you so much kinley hudson!
happy birthday!

our family the day we took you home and our family now! what a gift you have been to us!

i have loved watching you with your sister. you both love eachother soooo much! i feel sooo blessed to have you both really treasure eachother! i have loved watching your friendship grow and can only imagine how close you will be in the future!


elizabeth said...

congratulations on her birthday! Many Years!

Molly at Blink Photographic said...

Happy Birthday, little Kinley!
Brooke, your birthday post - it's so sweet. I'm inspired. Sawyer turns four Friday - I really should take the time to sit and write something about him! Miss u all.

Anonymous said...

soooo stinking precious!! She is such a blessing, and we love her, too! :o)