Thursday, January 7, 2010

christmas 2009

marks dad, stepmom and sister came to colorado this year for christmas! this was the first time they have ever been here for christmas so we were very excited! everyone stayed here and the girls were so exctited to have everyone sleep here :)

there was alot of game playin, book reading, and just over all fun!!

auntie kerry got a nice family shot before we headed to church on christmas eve

the girls got the traditional pj's and slippers on christmas eve night along with a couple of little fun gifts

two excited girls :)

kya christmas happy :)

stocking time :)

the one thing kya really wanted a music box, kinley was a little sleepy but has LOVED her lincoln logs :)

we celebrated christmas with my family at my mom and dad's house the sunday after is all the kids opening their stockings from gaga and papa :)

we had a FABULOUS christmas and made many fun memories with family!


Anonymous said...

Just love it, and more so, I love that your Christmas celebration lasted as long as it did! I think that makes it more meaningful than trying to cram everything into one day, which really boils down to just a few hours.

kstivers said...

How Wonderful!!! Your family just makes me smile! So happy you had such a fantastic time with family! Hope to see you soon! Hugs to all of you!