Monday, December 22, 2008

pre christmas :)

this past weekend we started our "prechristmas" parties. marks sister kerry flew in for the weekend to celebrate christmas with the girls. kya always gets so excited to have kerry here! she is always excited to play, read ...we do anything with kerry! poor kerry had some major jet lag and had to deal with a 3- 1/2 year old! kya doesn't really understand the concept of personal space :) it is always a highlight for kya to spend time with kerry!
kerry got the girls these ADORABLE vests from london! she always gets the greatest things for them! i couldn't wait to get these vests on the girls! they actually wore them for the vaneps christmas party on sunday! kya also got some great new books, games, clothes and her first webkinz from the michigan guikemas :) what a spoiled little girl!!
on sunday we had the big vaneps christmas party. it is always a great time to get the entire family together and reconnect with all the fam! kya LOVES these big get togethers. she loves to run and hug and greet each new person that walks through the door. my grand parents flew back from arizona for the party. poor gram came down with the flu during the party, but joined the party for a little while in the evening. we had a great day! today we are laying low resting up for the rest of the parties the rest of the week! here are some pictures from the parties this weekend :)


Molly at Blink Photographic said...

I love that they'll actually LOOK at your lens and SMILE for you. What's your secret?
Merry Christmas, Guikemas.
Molly and the boys

tim and kristi said...

i love those vests. way to go kerry! merry christmas, kristi