Sunday, February 22, 2009


kinley has been on of those babies who is so content and non adventurous that she often doesn't push herself to try new things. give the girl a bucket of toys and she will sit for an hour happily. she never would try to to get out of the sitting position and would wait for you to move her :) it has been kind of nice knowing she is not going to get herself into trouble if i leave the room for a minute. well things are changing!! turning 1 has made kinley into a new baby :)
she has been found emptying my cupboards, dumping out kya's craft bucket, pulling the towels off the front of the stove...etc! today we put her down for a nap and she would not fall asleep...which is not like her. we usually lay her down and that is it. i went in to check on her and to tell her it was time to sleep and i thought that would be it. well after another 10 minutes of her talking in her bed, i went up again to see what the deal was..... and this is what i found!!
i have found her once sitting in her crib, but usually she is just laying there playing with her feet and talking to herself. but today she figured something out....she can stand in her crib. kinley is a little behind in her gross motor for her age, this is the first time she has pulled herself to the standing position! i yelled for mark to grab the camera and then we proceeded to move her mattress down from the newborn level :)
how fun to see her exploring life...but how sad my life is changing~~ i am sure there will be many more posts of me finding kinley in new situations :)

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dana said...

What a little stinker....better watch out she is going to be all over the place!