Wednesday, August 12, 2009

princess dance camp!

kya is in princess dance camp this week! she has been counting down the days all summer! this girl LOVES to dance. she took some classes last year and she fell in love! she loves getting dressed for class and then coming home and practicing her new dance moves each night. at the end of each class the parents can come and they "perform" the new dance they learned that day! it is so fun to see each day. i am actually very impressed with how 4 year olds can learn something so quick! i can't wait to see her this year in tap :) so fun!

so excited to dance!
day #1 they made crowns :)

day #2 she wanted to wear her "fancy tutu " :)

my pretty girl!
day #3 hanging out with her little dancer friends!

her dance from day #3 this has been my favorite so far!


elizabeth said...

that's really beautiful! She did such a good job! I am impressed!

eochocki said...

She is so adorable-and growing up so fast! I LOVE her fancy tutu! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word...that is sooo cute! I love all the uncontrolable jumping~~ :-)