Monday, December 14, 2009

disney on ice

we decided to take kya and maci to disney on ice this year for part of their christmas present. they were both VERY excited to get dressed up in their princess dresses :)

the boys were supposed to go to the parade of lights but it was SOOO cold so they last minute got tickets to go too! we ran into the boys in the lines going in, just enough time to get a group picture :)

we had a couple of very excited little princesses on our hands :)

are they cute or what!?!?!

the girls got spoiled and got cotton candy with tinkerbell hats and auntie dana got them tinkerbell snow cones!! so fun! we also got to see princess tiana from princess and the frog!

love making such fun memories :)

gaga, auntie dana and at the last minute auntie sonya all came along for the fun night!

maci LOVEd the show, most of the time she would not even look at the camera...her eyes were glued on the ice! and also LOVED her cotton candy and snow cone :)

we had so much fun...mark and i couldn't stop watching maci and kya's faces as they watched the show. it was PURE excitement!

it was an AWESOME show! we can't go again next year!

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Anonymous said...

WHAT FUN!!! Someday...maybe someday, we'll get in a family adventure like that. ;)