Wednesday, May 19, 2010

girls mexico trip :)

my amazing sister dana invited us to a girls trip down to mexico! we have been taking about a girls trip for a couple of years...but thanks to dana we could make it actually happen!
here we are on the train at dia so excited to be on our way!

we headed to the beach right away to take in the amazing view! we were soo excited!

sisters and friends :)

we love our mom!!

this resort had the most amazing pool and beach! we were in paradise :)

it was so fun to relax and have fun in the sun during the day and to be able to go have a nice dinner together at night. we laughed ALOT and made TONS of fun memories :)

what a great time just hanging out with my sisters and my mom!! i LOVE THEM!!

this was our last day enjoying the pool and drinks :)

THANK YOU DANA!! what a fun trip! i am so lucky to have an amazing mom and 2 amazing sisters that i LOVE to hang out with!


Anonymous said...

It was sososo amazing!!! I love looking at the pictures!! I'm the most blessed mom ever!!

Molly at Blink Photographic said...

sooo jealous right now.
love that you all have one another!