Saturday, June 12, 2010

dance recital!

kya's big dance recital was this last week! she has been talking about this day for months! she has been so excited to get on the big stage and preform.
here she is all ready to head backstage !

kya's class was a combination of ballet and tap. she had 2 dance numbers the first was tap and the second was a ballet type dance.
i loved all the costumes!
here she is tapping away!

this was the number kya was most excited for she got to shake her hips and do some more dance moves...and boy oh boy did she nail it! she was amazing and so fun to watch!

we have go a little performer on our hands...mark whispered to me during the performance i better start picking up some more shifts...i have a feeling we are going to have a future in dance with this little girl!
kya's best friend kendall also took lessons at the same studio. even though they were not in the same class it was so fun that they could preform together on recital night
are they cute or what!

maci was sooo excited to come watch kya dance and soon asked how soon before she got to have kya's dance costumes..she gets all of kya's hand me downs :)

we were so proud of kya!

she was showered in flowers at the end of the night!

and nothing beats this picture! a daddy so proud of his little girl!


elizabeth said...

How beautiful! Very happy for you to have this wonderful time with your family!

Brooke said...

Way to go, Kya! Great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Kya did AMAZING and looked sososo gorgeous!!!! She is so fun!! Proud GaGa!!