Saturday, July 17, 2010

1st day of kindergarten!!!!

kya started kindergarten july 6th. she has been sooo excited to start "big girl" school. she has always loved school, and has loved to learn!
her school is right down the street from us and it has been so fun getting to know people in our community! since we had a short summer due to that her school is year around, i was dreading this day! my heart was broken at the thought of sending her to school EVERY DAY :( hanging out with kya and spending my days with her are awesome. i feel like a part of me is missing when she is not around. i was not ready for this day! but i put on my happy mommy face, faked it well and made sure i put on my BIG sunglasses to hide all my tears! daddy came home from work and we walked her to school together. i hung back to get some pictures, but also to not let my tears show :) i have to admit her crossing the cross walk for the first time was a little emotional for me :) but i stayed strong gave her a huge hug and kiss and watched her walk through those school doors...and THEN cried my eyes out :)
we have just finished our second week of school and i am proud and EXCITED to say....WE BOTH LOVE KINDERGARTEN!! kya's teacher is AMAZING! i feel such an answer to pray to have mrs crum be her teacher! kya and i both love her! i would have NEVER imagined this experience to be so amazing! kya's school is amazing, all the mom's i get to chat with in the morning and afternoon at drop off and pick up are so friendly,and me and kinley are getting some awesome one on one time for the 3 hours each morning! we are so thankful in so many ways!
here are some pictures with my sweet kindergarten girl!

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