Tuesday, August 31, 2010

so proud of her!

kya is LOVING school! she loves to be social, loves her teacher, loves to learn...just loves it all! it has made sending my baby girl to kindie so much easier when every morning she is excited for her day with mrs crum. we feel sooo blessed to have a GREAT teacher! last week mrs crum had a cold and kya came up to her and told her she prayed that she would feel better! mrs crum got big tears in her eyes and said she had never had a student say they had prayed for her! we soon started talking about churches and faith...it was so awesome to have my sweet girl open up the door for great conversation with her teacher...and what a blessing to know that her teacher loves the Lord! we have felt such an answer to prayer with kya attending rolling hills. both mark and i went to private christian school, but felt the Lord was calling us to be a light to be a part of our community by attending our neighborhood school. it has been awesome meeting other families that live right around us! we have had an AMAZING experience and feel so blessed in our decision! every night kya prays that she shows that jesus in her in heart to all her friends at school...how cool!
kya has been blessed to have her daddy's brains and is really enjoying being in some advanced programs that her school offers. it is great that they have this to keep her challenged and not bored. in kindie they have 3 sets of sight words they need to learn during their entire year. kya is so driven and self motivated and has already passed all her 3 sets in the first 5 weeks of school. it is so fun to see her thirst for knowledge and learning!
here are some pictures from last week after she passed her 3rd set :) way to go kya! we are so proud of you! you are such a sweet and amazing girl!


Clark Family said...

So proud of you too, sweet girl!!!!
B-- Did you get a new camera? I love the pictures that you've posted on your latest posts. :)
Love to you!

Brooke said...

You go, Kya. :)

Anonymous said...

Kya you are amazing and show Jesus to so many people!! Keep up the great work my sweet girl!!
love you,