Tuesday, October 12, 2010

jesus in my heart

kya was ecstatic today that it was raining and that she could wear her new rain boots and carry her umbrella. she could hardly wait to leave for school. when i went to drop her off she proudly put up her umbrella and a huge smile came across her face. she was soo excited to use it! we said goodbye and i got back in the car to watch her walk into school. as she was walking up the long sidewalk up to the doors and one of her friends came by her. they had no raincoat or umbrella and without hesitation kya handed her umbrella over. wow..i love her heart. it is so amazing how i constantly learn from my kids. it made me think how i as an adult have a hard time doing this. i all to often have a attitude of selfishness. it was a great wake up call to challenge myself to be like kya and hand over my "umbrella" without a second thought.

when i picked her up i told her how proud of her i was to share with her friend. and she said "well mom i had a hood on my coat and an umbrella and she had nothing, i couldn't let her walk and get all wet. that would not show her Jesus in my heart"....wow kya thank you for reminding mommy to have a more christ-like heart!


PaPa said...


Cheri Van Stelle said...

She truly does have Jesus in her heart!!!

Kristi K said...

and then how did you not burst into tears. sweet, sweet kya! and you have to know jesus was mighty proud too!