Tuesday, November 30, 2010

christmas decorating

we broke the rules this year and did our christmas decorating the weekend before thanksgiving. i was scheduled to work thanksgiving night so we figured we would do it early when mama was not exhausted from working. it was so fun to decorate this year! kya always has loved it, but i was so cute to see kinley really get into it this year! the girls were so fun helping get everything up. we always kind of go overboard decorating, but we LOVE it! we got kinley a tree for her room too this year, both girls LOVE having decorations in their room. this is really my favorite time of year when we can sit at night with the lights on, christmas music going and spend time together as a family.one of our favorite traditions is sitting around the christmas tree before bedtime and reading christmas stories. here are some pictures from our day decorating together :)

so fun to decorate as a family! we all equally enjoy it!
family room
tree in kitchen
dining room tree and christmas village from mark's mom. it means SOOO much to mark to have this as it is such a great memory that he and his mom had putting it up together every year! we have the rest of the village in our bedroom on our dresser. i still need to take a picture of it :)

dining room decorations
loft playroom tree :)
sitting and reading books by the tree :)

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elizabeth said...

How very beautiful! love your house and all the Christmas trees!! and how deeply special for Mark to have those Christmas houses as a link to his beautiful Mother. Wishing you all of God's blessings for this December as we lead up to celebrating Christ's birth.